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Although the coaching has been developing for over ten years, there is still a lack of understanding of what exactly this profession represents.

Although the coaching has been developing for over ten years, there is still a lack of understanding of what exactly this profession represents.

It can best be described by saying what is not:


The therapy deals with the healing of emotional wounds and conflict in the individual or in the relationship between two or more individuals. The focus is often on resolving difficulties that are rooted in the past and hindering the emotional presence of man in the present. Coaching, for its part, supports personal and professional growth and development, which is based on a change undertaken by the individual/organization to achieve specific goals and results. These results are related to personal and professional success. Coaching is focused on the future. Although positive feelings/emotions are a natural result of coaching, the main focus of the coaching process is on creating effective strategies to achieve specific goals in the client’s personal or professional life. The focus of the coaching relationship is on the action, the accountability and the sequence of actions that lead to the goal.


Individuals/organisations hire consultants for their expertise. Although consultancy approaches are extremely diverse, it is suggested that the consultant will identify the problems and recommend and sometimes implement solutions to these problems. The coaching presumption is that individuals or teams are capable to find their own decisions, coach supporting them by providing „glasses“ – different perspectives for observing the case, and approaches that allowing to find them themselves.


The mentor is an expert who provides his/her wisdom and guidance accumulated as a result of his/her own experience. The mentoring process may include counseling, counselling and coaching. The coaching process does not include counseling and counseling, but instead focuses on individuals or groups that set themselves goals and achieve them.


The training programs are aimed at achieving certain learning objectives set by the Trainer/trainer or instructor. While the coaching process clarifies goals, they are placed entirely by the client (individual or team) with the support of the coach. The training is also driven on a linear path of learning, which coincides with a pre-established „curriculum“ plan. Coaching is not linear and has no predetermined plan.

Development of athletes

Although metaphors from sports are often used in coaching, the work of a professional coach is different from that of a sports trainer. The sports coach is often considered an expert who directs and identifies the behavior of individual athletes or sports teams based on their own in-depth knowledge and experience. Professional coaches possess these skills, but the knowledge and experience of the individual or team determines the direction of coaching. Moreover, professional coaching, unlike the development of athletes, does not focus on the behaviors that are performed improperly or poorly enough. Instead, the focus is on discovering opportunities for development based on the strengths and abilities of the individual or team.


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