Interview for „Manager“ magazin

Vladimir Nikolov: What needs to change (in Bulgarian legislation, society, education, business management) to have more young women growing up as successful managers and entrepreneurs?

Lydia Shouleva:First, our education system must prepare people who can think out of the box, take responsibility, make decisions, and work as a team. This is valid for everyone. As for women, it is necessary to change the stereotypes about the role of women, not only of society as a whole, but of women in particular. Support is needed for young women, both emotionally and psychologically, in the decision-making process for starting a family and children and for career development. The media environment is a big liability for positive examples that could inspire young women and give them greater confidence.

VN: In your opinion, is Bulgaria a good place for a career as a woman manager?

L.Sh. For me, Bulgaria has always been a wonderful place to live, work, career. I think that Bulgarian women are very proactive and combative, extremely productive and resilient. What prevents them is that they are too self-critical and generally fail to defend their interests well.

VN: Are you intuitive? Does intuition help you make important decisions?

L.Sh. To believe that good intuition is a necessary element of successful leadership. Personally, it helps me a lot, especially when choosing the people I need to work with. When making decisions, it is very important how you strike a balance between rational arguments and intuitive clues, and that is the beauty of success.

VN: Do your male colleagues view you as equal or do you feel underestimated / discriminated against?

L.Sh. I have never had a problem in this regard.

VN: How do you manage to fill the empty spaces in communication with your child / children due to lack of working time?

L.Sh. I have two grown-up children, but I always thought that not the time you give them was the most important thing, it was about building trust between us. It is important what you talk about, do you find time for the really important moments in their lives. I have always been a working and very busy mother, but to this day I still have a particularly strong connection with my children.

VN: How do you manage not to hurt the male ego of the man next to you after you are most likely in the forefront of pay and importance in the workplace?

L.Sh. Having a healthy and united family is a great happiness. In such a family, there are responsibilities and responsibilities for all. If everyone is given credit for their contribution in an honest and fair way, there is no room for problems.

And here is the answer to the question of Peter Andronov: “Behind every successful man stands a strong woman. And behind every successful woman

L.Sh.”Yes, my husband was my immense support, inspiration and courage.

PA: Do you believe in Lehman Sisters’ theory?

L.Sh. Yes, I strongly believe in this theory, because women have a much stronger intuition, a stronger sense of survival, and at critical times are able to make much more sober and correct decisions.

Iravan Hira: What inspires you to get up early in the morning or keep you fresh in the late evening?

L.Sh. I’ve always liked what I do. Loving your job and being content with what you do is a source of inspiration.

IX: What advice would you give to young ladies who want to succeed in business or at work?

L.Sh. First of all, have a strong faith in themselves, have clear goals, which they are very eager to achieve, to secure allies and support, and above all to have high moral integrity.

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