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Business Intellect provides professional consultancy and coaching services. Our activity is aimed at supporting the efforts of companies and their leaders toward to success.

Our specialists will help you find the right direction and approach to overcoming the challenges you face in today’s dynamically changing world.

Our specialized services are related to leadership development through coaching and mentoring.

Coaching provides you with focus, direction and help to improve your performance and develop your skills to motivate and inspire people around you and under your guidance.

Are you ready to start? Interested in learning more about your particular style of leadership or personality type and how to maximise the opportunities that are in front of you?

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30 years of experience in different spheres

We are proud that our business consulting company offers services that follow and build the best business practices in the world. In this way, we manage to help and develop both the leaders of the present and the most productive teams. They succeeded thanks to our individual and team training and consulting programs.

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Proven methodology approved by top leaders of Fortune 500 for individual and team coaching

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Coaching for leaders and their teams. Partnership for building modern leadership culture

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Working with a mentor will help you to clarify your career goals, make a plan to achieve them

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Teambuilding and Seminars

Suitable for management teams for self-knowledge, knowledge of others, team building and motivation

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Business Consulting

Helps you develop a better mission, vision and strategic goals for your company

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More about Coaching

Find out more about coaching or, to make it easier, let's look at what coaching is not

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